Albena is a Blue Flag winning resort, located in the picturesque and ecologically clean gulf on the Bulgarian Black Sea coast, famous for ITS flower gardens, close to Varna international airport (30 km).

This is a beautiful place on the Black Sea Coast with good location, high standard accommodation and a Variety of amenities. Albena is the place WHERE the sea meets the sand. Sport and recreation facilities, Numerous entertainment spots, nightlife in bars and beauty facilities – Albena HAS it all.

Albena – a world of quality service and value! Albena – a delight for all ages – sandy beach, crystal sea, and as much or as little action as you need, Albena HAS Something for everyone.

Many have swimming pools Also There, bowling alley, water skiing, boat-driving banana and Other Entertainments Sports: Water skiing, para-sailing, yachting, surfing, jets, underwater fishing, tennis, mini golf, bowling, riding, beach volleyball, aerobics, hang-gliding, diving school, horse riding ground. Children’s amusement park – fun fair, kids’ disc, mini-Trains, inflatable trampoline, water carting.
Also Albena is the perfect place for business contacts and meetings, as well as for entertainment at the night clubs – Bar Variety and Casino – congress center with conference halls and simultaneous translation facilities in 4 languages.

Albena is a host of different catering establishments:  Varied cultural programs – International Children’s Fest, Golden Antenna Festival of Musical and Entertainment TV Programs, Pop-rock festival, Coast of Hope Festival.  There has Many concerts, symphony and wind orchestras, Art Galery Stil, Contests for children’s drawing on asphalt, puppet theater. Excursions Inland, exotic trips to Istanbul and Cairo, jeep safari, photo safari, yacht trips.

According to Some legends, Ovidius cam here on HIS HIS way to the country of exile – Tomi (present Constanta in Romania). The resort ITS WAS given present-day name by Albena, a female protagonist of the great Bulgarian writer Yordan Yovkov, gifted with extraordinary beauty.




The Park Sanssouci was originally an orchard near Potsdam. This was the favorite retreat of King Friedrich II – later known as Friedrich the Great. Here he could stay without worries (hence the name sans souci, Schloß Sanssouci, which means without worry in French).

The Sanssouci palace was the summer residence of Frederick the Great. Georg Wenzeslaus von Knobelsdorff built it above the terraced vineyard from 1745 to 1747 following the King’s ideas and sketches. The palace is considered the major work of Rococo architecture in Germany. Paintings by Watteau, Panini and Pesne are on exhibit in the picture gallery.

The design of the Sanssouci Palace was based on sketches made by Friedrich the Great himself. The relatively small palace with only 12 rooms was completed in 1747. It is located on top of a terraced vineyard, known as the Weinberg (wine mountain). The palace is only one storey high, but beautifully decorated in rococo style.

For normal folk, Potsdam’s Sanssouci is a relaxing royal treat only 30 minutes away by train from bustling Berlin. In French, the palace’s name means “without a care;” it was a quiet refuge for the Prussian king. His final wish was to be buried there, a desire not granted until after German reunification.
This UNESCO World Heritage Site, built between 1745 and 1747, is known for its treasures inside and out.

Highlights include the white and gold Marble Hall reception area, loosely based on the Pantheon in Rome, the many paintings by one of Friedrich’s favorite artists, Antoine Watteau, and the Voltaire Room, with its carvings of birds, flowers and fruits, named after the French philosopher and frequent palace guest. The large landscaped park is dotted with fountains, with faux ruins and classical statues among the many points of interest. Also at Sanssouci is the splendid Neues Palace (New Palace), added to commemorate the end of the Seven Year’s War, a reconstructed Dutch windmill, the Orangerie, which houses a gallery, and the Drachenhaus (Dragon House), a pagoda-style building that now holds a pleasant café for park visitors.

Sanssouci is located in Potsdam, just outside of Berlin, and is easily accessible by public transportation and car. The site, which stretches out for 2 kilometers west of Potsdam’s city center, is open later from Spring to Fall; music festivals are held annually on the grounds. The palace and individual buildings require ticket purchase for entry; many are only accessible with an official guided tour. Day tickets and family tickets providing access to multiple museums are available. If you are visiting with children don’t miss the Historische Mühle (Historical Windmill).

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